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“I never used to smile with my teeth”

Ali was very friendly and always made me feel at ease during my appointments with him. I was excited every time I had an appointment to see the progress my teeth were making and how the positioning of my teeth kept on changing.

My teeth were a bit of a challenge at some points as they weren’t moving according to plan (which couldn’t really be helped) but Ali always kept me in the loop and never pretended the progress was further on than it really was.

I really trusted his judgement and when your teeth are as good as his it’s hard not to like him. I never used to smile with my teeth and now I have a lot more confidence all thanks to Ali!

Caitlin Mulder

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“smile again with confidence”

At my first consultation I was given in detail three options of treatment which was discussed with me in clear and concise detail by Dr Alisdair Colquhoun.

After deciding to have six front teeth fillings realigned with replacement fillings, my treatment was performed pain-free in a most friendly and professional manner. I felt completely relaxed throughout the whole procedure due to the care taken.

This has made me happy and can smile again with confidence.

Many Thanks

Mrs Marjorie Nicol


“my teeth are still very straight, I am so happy I went for it”

I would 100% recommend anyone to get the 6 month smile brace. I couldn’t believe how quickly my teeth straightened in such a small time frame.

The whole 6 month process was so simple and pain free and any check up I had scheduled in, Alisdair would always update me on my progress, which was amazing to see.

Over two years have passed and my teeth are still very straight, I am so happy I went for it and would recommend to anyone!

Danielle Hutchinson

before and after treatment


“giving my confidence a big boost”

For many years I would cover my mouth as I was embarrassed about my teeth. I spoke with Alistair, who was very knowledgeable and gave me confidence from the first consultation.  The treatment plan involved significant work on my front teeth and was completely pain-free, I couldn’t believe it! I felt so relaxed I almost feel asleep during treatment.

Alistair is a very accomplished dentist with a very gentle approach and was incredibly supportive throughout, and with follow up consultations.  The whole team give a warm reception and make you feel at home.

Although I initially made the decision to have my smile repaired for personal reasons, but I underestimated the positive impact this would also have professionally, giving my confidence a big boost. 

Thank you so much.

Joanne McKinlay


“I couldn’t have chosen a more thorough and dedicated dentist”

For as long as I can remember my front teeth bothered me and so in 2017 I decided to explore my options for correcting my teeth and was recommended Aly by a work colleague. I was really impressed with her before and after photos and booked an appointment. After a consultation and x-rays I was found to be a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Upon starting the treatment Aly advised for best results my brace would be on for 6 ½ – 8 months but I was lucky and my treatment was complete within 5 months. At my first appointment, small clear brackets were added to the teeth and a wire, which adjusts the teeth to where they need to be. It was painless and I only experienced some slight discomfort over the few days that followed.

Each appointment Aly gave me tips about how to keep my teeth and gums clean while wearing the brace as well as explaining what the next stage of treatment would achieve. When you have the brace on you almost forget you are wearing it, it really does become an everyday part of your life so photos at each stage of the treatment really helped to see the progress I was making.

When I had my brace removed, I couldn’t believe the difference and I have an even bigger appreciation for my teeth now that I have the smile I always wanted. I couldn’t have chosen a more thorough and dedicated dentist who is as delighted with the outcome as you are. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!


“I was impressed with both his professionalism and his reassuring approach”

As a new patient to Dentistry@No3, I was immediately put as ease by Alisdair who took the time to explain what was happening and to offer me a range of treatment options. I would recommend Alisdair, especially if like me, you are anxious about your dental appointment as I was impressed with both his professionalism and his reassuring approach.

M. Brown


“What a fantastic and natural result!”

I broke my front teeth when I was young and over the years have had lots of work done to them. I was recommended to go to Alisdair who replaced my crowns. What a fantastic and natural result! I have been given back my smile! His attention to every fine detail was great and his caring attitude made me so relaxed.

Linda McAllister


“Exceptional care and attention”


“Thank you for everything, especially my smile” Mrs Nicola A.

“There was no judgement of my situation, only an interest and indeed a passion to help me achieve a smile I was happy with. The feeling of confidence and happiness with my treatment is not quantifiable in financial terms” Mr James McM.

“You certainly treat people not just teeth” Sarah M.

“I felt reassured that here were people who listened to what I needed and knew what they were doing. My experience of the practice at No3 is that they work as a team, are all extremely enthusiastic and interested in their work” Anon

“Anxious feelings are not something I associate with my dental appointments” Jill D.

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Pain Free And We Can Prove It!

Pain Free At No3
Pain Free At No3
Pain Free At No3
Pain Free At No3
See What Our Patients Say
See What Our Patients Say
See What Our Patients Say
See What Our Patients Say
Dentistry @ No 3
Based on 129 reviews
Dentistry at No 3
Based on 30 reviews
Another great pain free visit .Yesterday I got a new front bridge fitted ( having been told from another dental practice this was not possible ) I also got some bonding done to close space on two bottom teeth . Looks very natural . Alisdair makes you feel at ease and listens to your concerns and explains everything . I must also mention the week before , I got the air flow at the dental hygienist for the first time ever . I couldn’t believe the difference it made . I travel 30 miles to attend this dentist . It says it all really . 😁
Lyn Gardiner
Lyn G.
Hi there!I have had to have treatment yesterday, 22 July '20, at No3 Dental clinic.Have had initial photographs xrays and impressions prior to my having 4 front upper teeth removed. I can honestly say, i felt NO pain during this procedure and even the numbing injections were painless!My Dentist, Alistar, took his time to loosen teeth rather than just pull them so that it protected my bone and gums. After the extractions, i had few dissolvable stitches but felt nothing at all!! He then took time to make sure my comfort denture was perfectly held in place over the extraction site before i left. Having had a lot of treatments done both NHS and Privately, i have no problem recommeding him as the VERY BEST Dentist ive ever had work on my teeth.His attention to detail and to making sure i was painfree and comfortable at all times, is FIRST CLASS!!Also, i must add, that the comfort denture is more like a finished denture!! Better than any ive had made before and I cannot wait until i get my new teeth in about 6 weeks time.Im writing this, the morning after and ive no pain at all.To be honest, ive said that he should charge more for his professionalism expertise and care. Also received a call this morning to check that im ok...and im going again tomorrow for a quick checkup.Whats the saying, You get what you pay for!! Well ive had the Rolls Royce treatment...If youre afraid or nervous, i would HIGHLY recommend Alistar, brilliant Dr of Dentistry.Id also like to mention the staff at this clinic. Leigh was the first person i spoke with and very understanding and intuitive...helped me immensely and put me at ease, no question went unanswered.Barbara and Amy also are lovely and very caring thiughtful people. Barbara called this morning, to make sure i was still feeling well after my treatment.If ive got any names wrong, forgive me. I will correct at later time.Mrs Nori Robertson
Norrie Robertson
Norrie R.
I have been to many dentists over the years and No3 has to be the best to date. Dr Alisdair is truly amazing and has transformed my smile. He has given me a natural look and the whole process was comfortable and completely pain free. Everyone at the practice is so friendly and warm. I have no doubt that I will continue using this practice for many years to come.
jaimini chohan
jaimini C.
My husband had extensive treatment and was very happy with the service provided by Alisdair. It was, as is claimed by them, virtually pain free and as a result I decided to have some cosmetic work done. I have attended NHS practices all my life and have always been quite anxious, more so as I get older. My appointments at No. 3 have been a totally different experience. Any procedures are fully explained with help of photographs taken and shown on a screen. There was no pressure to have work done, the final decision was mine. Alisdair made me feel very much at ease and has totally transformed the appearance of my teeth. I no longer feel embarrassed at their appearance. As a thank you for choosing them, they are also contributing towards several good causes from helping children with dental hygiene and malnutrition to assisting families following natural disasters. I am now a patient at Dentistry @ No. 3.
Anne McMurray
Anne M.
Exceptional service all round: from being welcomed by the kind and courteous reception staff, the pleasant waiting room and being treated by Dr. Masterson (Rebecca), who was great and made me feel at ease. I will definitely be recommending Dentistry @ No 3 for others looking for pain free dentistry.
James Drummond
James D.
I am one of those people who have been terrified of the dentist since childhood, even to the point of deliberately missing appointments!No longer! I have been going to dentistry at number 3 for 6 years without any problem. Absolutely first rate personnel who provide pain free treatment as promised.
Dave Russell
Dave R.
I can’t thank Ali and the whole practice at Dentistry at No 3 enough. I have been extremely unhappy with my smile for as long as I can remember and it has really affected my confidence and daily life. I am really glad I choose this practice to fix my smile and I am extremely happy with the results. The treatment was totally pain free and everyone was very helpful. Any worries I had they were there and any reassurance I needed was given. I highly recommend Dentistry at No 3. Thanks guys for helping me on this journey.
Jamie Paton
Jamie P.
I had just moved over from Canada and needed dental work. Rebecca treated my cavities and it was the most painless procedure I’ve ever had done! She used specialized needles and I mean it when I say I felt nothing! Rebecca and her staff gave me a very warm welcome to Scotland! Can not recommend enough, especially if you have a fear of the dentist like I do! Will definitely be going back!
Tia Martin
Tia M.
Having attended the same dentist for 40 years I was rather apprehensive when a new team took over the practice but my fears have been allayed and my recent experiences at the surgery have been very good.Everyone is friendly and caring and my treatment pain free. Thanks to everyone involved.
Sylvia Spark
Sylvia S.

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