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Telescopic Removable Bridges


These removable bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth . They have a really natural appearance and feel just like dental bridgework- as they are firmly fixed in place -avoiding the problems of loose partial dentures and the plastic covering the whole palate which so spoils the taste of your food.

This technique is especially suitable for patients who have teeth which are presently loosening and for who normal bridgework would be contra-indicated. They can improve the patient's appearance, speech and chewing efficiency and can last a long time .

Telescopic crowns were developed in Germany and account for most of the dentures made there.  They are however a recent arrival in the UK and only provided by very few dentists here at present. We are proud to say that our practice - right here in Dunfermline-can provide this treatment.

 Tel_Bridge_2.jpg  Tel_Bridge_1.jpg


They consist of a double crown system - one crown fitted to each of the remaining natural teeth and then outer crowns which closely fit over these fixed tooth crowns, but which are part of this removable bridge. The bridge can then be slid off these tooth crowns for cleaning, but otherwise it is retained firmly in the mouth by the inner and outer crowns fitting closely together.

This technique ensures that the bite stress is distributed evenly between each crowned tooth, protecting these  teeth and resulting in a very natural appearance. This technique is also suitable where there are missing back molars when the bridge is held by the remaining front teeth, but extends all the way to the include the back teeth.The probability is much increased that a patient will keep all their remaining teeth 10 years after this procedure It is a versatile and successful technique for patients with a few remaining teeth and help prevent further pbone and tooth loss through general tooth loosening.

 Insertion and removal of the bridge, and routine oral hygiene, are easy to perform, even for patients with limited manual dexterity.

As a full-arch bridge, the telescope crown system enables easy adjustments, modifications, and relining, with low follow-on costs.