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Dental Implants- in our Dunfermline Surgery

Dental Implants are a modern method of replacing missing teeth and fixing loose dentures.

For a single tooth replacement, a titanium tooth root is placed in the jaw under the gum. Once the implant has "taken" after approximately 12 weeks, a crown is fitted to it to complete the treatment.

If you wear dentures then you will know just what a negative impact they can have on so many aspects of your life and thanks to advances in dentistry, they are now more readily available and affordable than ever before, making them a real alternative to crowns, bridges and dentures.

Implants can be used as retainers to correct the embarrassing problem of loose dentures. The new plate then feels more like natural teeth, it has no plastic palate and so your food tastes great again!

They feel great and function just like natural teeth and are the permanent answer to tooth loss.

A single implant and crown will cost £2300. Book your assessment appointment today, complete the contact form and we'll call you back.



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